Event Management made easy and efficient.

PinMeh is the first mobile app of its kind that allows for the complete planning, management, and execution of all types of events.

Event Management made easy and efficient.

PinMeh is the first mobile app of its kind that allows for the complete planning, management, and execution of all types of events.

Welcome to PinMeh

There has long been a need for an efficient and comprehensive tech based solution that makes event creation, management and marketing effortless, seamless and hassle free. PinMeh provides that user-friendly mobile solution that requires no formal training or advanced technical skills to operate, and helps event planners stay organized. PinMeh is an all-in-one event management tool that can scale to meet every type of event possible.

How it Works

Register with an email address.
Create or find events of interest.
YES! It’s that simple.

Features and Benefits

Easy intuitive app and instant registration

The user interface is a simple clean design that renders the app easy to use and navigate. It works on any iOS or Android phone/device.

Greater communication

Comprehensive communication is a cornerstone of PinMeh’s objectives. Organize your groups based on activities and communicate to members whether as a broadcast or on a one to one basis.

Venue Design

PinMeh empowers event managers, venue owners, and activity owners (particularly safety and security) to collaborate and devise a proper floor plan. This allows for a smoother setup and breakdown of provisional stalls; a dynamic flow of attendees on entry, inside, and exiting the event; and overall control of venue assets.

Eco-friendly process

Go paperless. Reduce the printing of flyers/brochures to promote events and highlight your product or services. Conveniently promote digitally right in the palm of your hands and register or issue tickets, discounts, coupons and giveaways directly to attendees’ devices.


Private or public, stationary or mobile, small or large, Pinmeh is designed to scale to meet the size of your event. One app for all of your event planning needs.

Click, Share, Promote

PinMeh makes the event promotion process as simple as click, share and promote. With direct access to your target audience promoting one’s event and soliciting feedback is a breeze.

Event Management Dashboard and Data Analytics

The app is designed to support from setup to sold out and beyond. A simple to use dashboard allows for greater ease of doing business and total communication with all the vendors, suppliers and attendees.
Reports and insights on events success will boost event promoters’ confidence to build their brand with a more informed position.

24/7 Accessibility

Event promoters, vendors, suppliers, exhibitors and attendees can have access to all relevant information at all times. Instant updates as changes and notifications to events can occur faster and near real-time.

Immediate Registration and Ticketing

Registering attendees and issuing tickets could be the most challenging aspect of any event managing process. Fully customizable and transferable within the app, the ticketing process is secure and easily administered in PinMeh.

Enriching Attendee Participation

Solicit reviews and gauge interests to events in detail. With a live event bulletin board, photo sharing, commenting and liking offers a more enriched and interactive experience for all users. Attendees can also form groups and smaller circles to enjoy a more discreet event experience if desired.

GPS Capability

The implementation of GPS capability to PinMeh adds a very powerful and essential feature for safer and more valuable event experiences. For mobile events or those that cover a wider geographical area, the feature offers major location tracking possibilities. Vendors can share their location to encourage traffic to their business. Attendees can share locations in closed groups to find and locate friends at events making the experience much more gratifying

Supreme Safety and Security

PinMeh is beneficially a personal tracking device. All users can alert friends, safety and security officials and emergency authorities per event of any harmful situation that they may have found themselves in at the event. Not to replace the emergency protocol of your region but it provides a secondary measure to ensure one’s safety and security at events.

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